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GOT7... Husband material ❤️ it's killing me more because JB is my bias.... Omggggg

Husband material ❤️ Jackson and JB - wow this is just soooo cute and sweet.

GOT7 Never Ever

to ouvindo never ever e do nada vejo esse pin sera o destino.

GOT7 >>> Pops showing affection to his babies! ❤️

The funny thing is that all of could get kisses from thousands of fans. But JB is like nah, I got this. He's father material xD

Don't doubt power vocalist Tweh Youngjae!  | allkpop Meme Center

Yeah I relized I don't ship him with anyone and make him best freinds with everyone



NOBODY CAN TAKE YOU SERIOUSLY JACKSON!!! ♥ ... that's why we love you. | got7 #JB #Jr #Jackson

No one can take you seriously Jackson, especially with that hair

JB looks so mad.. #Got7

JB x Youngjae I ship them so hard and no I don't want to be his roomate I can barley stand my sister and she's only one year younger



yugyeom: *breathes* jinyoung: oH MY GOD SHUT THE FUCK UP

The fact that this is actually true just made it more funny

Jackson wants to get closer to Mark but... XD | allkpop Meme Center

Jackson wants to get closer to Mark but. XD Don't worry Jackson, he's just kinda shy

"OMG! YEAH!! OFC WE DO!" Haha Mark

Mark: The Best Teacher Ever