Hades and Persephone

finalxizumi: “ “ Hades and Persephone In Greek mythology Persephone is the only child of Demeter, Goddess of nature and earth. Hades is the god of the underworld and the dead. While Demeter was.

Persephone | Goddess:  Persephone

🌸 HADES & PERSEPHONE 🌸 The mating of Hades And Persephone is such a primal story, filled with conquest, hunger, desperation, and love … . Hades and Persephone by ~Rgveta on deviantART

I always knew Pete Steele was a God.

Hades and Persephone. Interesting perspective from the artist because it makes Persephone appear as though she actually loves Hades. < They actually had a fairly happy relationship compared to the rest of the Greek gods (I'm looking at you, Zeus)


Elven/fantasy art on a 3 dimensional canvas that can be hung directly on your wall or framed. A must for the connoissuer of elven or fantasy art


Fantasy artwork by Mictones (Michael Anthony Gonzales) . white dragon and girl.

Hiroshi Nonami, photography

An Cailleach na Samhainn The Carlin was the Scottish Goddess who embodied the spirit of the eve of Samhain (Halloween), the night the year turned to winter, and the ghosts of the dead roamed the world of the living.


Trymian mythology inspiration - Morrigan- celtic goddess of battle and fertility, her animal is the raven.

Greater Dead Kerrigor Once the prince of the old kindom and brother to Touchstone but was consumed by free magic.