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This poster shows a little girl who is under the power of the German Nazis. It encourages Americans to purchase war bonds to show that you support the US army and help them defeat the Germans and win the war. It would help the eventually save this little girl.

15 Fascinating World War II Vintage Ads & Posters - vintage advertisement posters

"Deliver us from evil - Buy War Bonds" ~ WWII propaganda poster, probably American or English.

Nazi posters promoting the Jugen Dienst - Hitler youth. wow. scary smiling children.

Nazi posters geared toward s children, encouraging them to join Hitler Youth Organizations.

Stockdale's Medal of Honor Ceremony

Vice Admiral James B. Stockdale :: Stockdale Center for Ethical Leadership


David Alexander “Alex” Colville (Born: August 1920 in Toronto, Ontario; Died: July 2013 in Wolfville, Nova Scotia). Wartime Information Board, Contributor: Alex Colville) (Digitization of Poster at: Toronto Reference Library, Baldwin Room)

Carteles soviéticos de la Segunda Guerra Mundial

Carteles soviéticos de la Segunda Guerra Mundial

Written by a dad that lived next to a dance hall in WWII

vintage photo Syphilis sexually transmitted disease, All of these men soldiers have it, Women Stay away from dance halls, World War Two propaganda

The United States government and its military endeavors are always questioned in the media; that goes without saying. Hate us or love us, when perusing the posters below, all of which were designed to bring Americans together in a concerted effort to help topple the Axis Powers of World War II, you'll have to give us credit for our craftiness. The messages of these posters focus on rationing of goods, careless talk, war bonds, guilt, religion and much more. All are examples of good ol'…

Careless Talk poster from WWII American Propaganda Machine. This one is from 1944

A confident smile on the face of a brave serviceman, or in this case, a Navy man. Not many recruiting posters depicted soldiers with frowns, but smiles.

My Country As Seen In Vintage War Posters

Similar to the "Loose Lips Sink Ships" campaign, this poster reaffirms to all Americans that you should NEVER discuss troop movements. You never know who could be a Nazi spy!