Les Vanils (Gruyère), Canton of Fribourg, Switzerland

Bulle - Gruyère - Switzerland - Right now, at this time, here I am. In Gruyères, Switzerland. The perfect place to be. I've been eating chocolate and cheese all day long. Now, my belly's full and has never been this satisfied !

thiscitycalledearth:    by superkoyron, Santiago.

Santiago, Chile - met a girl from my hometown randomly on the street. Very westernized city. It's like NYC's latin love child. Being on central time made it such an easy adjustment. Practice up on your Spanish though!

Santiago | Santiago De Chile

San Cristobal Hill, Santiago in the twilight of winter – Photo By Claudio A.

Deserto do Atacama - CHILE

Southern Milky Way above Mars-like red sands of Atacama Desert. The location is inside Yungay, the driest, and most sterile place on Earth. There is virtually no life on the surface of this region of Chile. The night sky from here is simply amazing.

Genève by night, Switzerland

The beautiful and famous fountain on Lake Geneva, Switzerland. Such a beautiful sight to see :)

Basel City Lights by Jan Geerk (Switzerland)

Basel City Lights - Pinned by Mak Khalaf Basel My Hometown. With Christmas Lights on the Bridge. Basel Calendars available on my Webpage: www.ch City and Architecture by Jan_Geerk