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Projeto de preservação da natureza divulga incríveis imagens de cardumes em forma de tornados

O fotógrafo americano Octavio Aburto levou três anos para conseguir fazer esta imagem, na qual um cardume parece posar para uma foto. O mergulhador na imagem é David Castro, que trabalha no Parque Nacional Cabo Pulmo, no México Foto: The Grosby Group

Treasures in the Sea: Our Bahamian Marine Resources. An Educator's Guide to Teaching Marine Biodiversity. Bahamas National Trust, Center for Biodiversity and Conservation of the American Museum of Natural History, Bahamas Ministry of Education, Youth, Sports and Culture. 2007. Domroese, M. (editor). Activites for Elem & Middle school.

Simply Delicious: How To Cut Your Grocery Budget and Eat Like a Chef - Shalom Mama

How to clean rusted relics. Vinegar in microwave on high for 2 minutes, submerge relic in vinegar for 2 hours. (Hot vinegar will burn your eyes briefly).

Features in Our Homeschooling Planner {Part 1}

Features in Our Homeschooling Planner {Part 1} - Blessed Learners - Our Journey of Learning

Living books...only the best.

Great article on motivation...most of what I have found on this site is practical and helpful

How are Natural Resources used? (renewable & non-renewable) Sort, Center

Help students understand what the products of natural resources are with this sort...Several options are available depending on the level of your students and depth of knowledge you want to get into!CHECK OUT THE PREVIEW!Check ot these other natural resource products!Renewable or Nonrenewable Resources Sort Review, Assess, CenterMan Made Resources vs Natural Resources (renewable/ nonrenewable) Sort

Handdyed vintage kimono fabric. She has a bag of small pieces for $8. | Laura Murray Designs