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Guts x Griffith | Berserk

Does it really even count as a gangster au if all i do is draw them in various states of debauchery? OH WELL, more sensual bullying for all your sensual bullying needs.


Berserk 6 - Page 193

Berserk 6 - Read Berserk 6 Online - Page 193

Guts x Griffith | Berserk | tendiademsart.tumblr

I hope absolutely no one expected my modern day gangster au to be about actual gangsters because all you’re getting is griffith/guts and sensual bullying.

Griffith Berserk, Tumblr

Casca, Guts and the child. Who else thinks its their child?

This is a place where all of us fans can express our thoughts and feelings over Kentaro Miura's.

Berserk 106 Page 9

Read Berserk Chapter 091 Online - Berserk 091 free and high quality.

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Young love

Young love

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