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Vítima de uma experiência "médica" nazista sendo forçada dentro de um recipiente com água quase congelada gelada no campo de concentração de Dachau. O monstruoso "médico" das SS, Sigmund Rascher, supervisiona a experiência. Alemanha, 1942.

A picture of Kurt Franz posing jauntily as he administers punishment at Buchenwald.

Os 50 lugares mais assustadores do mundo

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Dachau remembered - 80 years later

SS officer Eichelsdoerfer, the commandant of Kaufering IV, a sub-camp of Dachau, stands in civilian clothes amidst the corpses of prisoners killed in his camp. A burial party of Germans conscripted from the surrounding area works in the background, April 27, 1945 - April 30, 1945. Eichelsdoerfer was later convicted during the The Dachau Trials, held on the grounds of the camp after liberation, and was executed May 29, 1946.

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Iasi, Romania, 1941, Removing corpses of Jews from train cars after the pogrom. - Photographs from the exhibition: "The Jewish Romanian community in modern times", shown in "Beit HaTfutzot" (The Diaspora museum).

"Aristides de Sousa Mendes was Portugal’s consul-general in Bordeaux, France, in May of 1940. He was torn by the plight of Jewish families gathered outside his consulate hoping for safe transit visas that would take them to neutral Portugal. He handed out hundreds until his government expressly demanded he stop. “I choose to stand with God against man than with man against God,” he declared, defiantly handing out thousands more visas. For his efforts, he was stripped of his diplomatic career…

the sonderkommando/notice guard is smiling Belzec Extermination Camp (Poland)

Meu mundo e assim: Ruth Elfriede Hildner: uma das supervisoras mais temidas em campos de concentração

In Jasenovac concentration campthe Nazis killed about 110,000 children ...