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Onça Pintada - Mato Grosso

50 seres inacreditavelmente azuis

Bluejay - WOW, now that's blue!.It looks really pretty. Please check out my website Thanks. | Jack | Starting last winter and continuing through much of the spring and summer, West Texas has enjoyed much more rain than in recent years resulting in a landscape so lush it is hard to believe it is desert. This jackrabbit is reveling in the bounty near Vista del Bofecillos campsite at Big Bend Ranch State Park.

Eunice e Miranda clicadas por Rossbourne.

cardinal couple

Amazing wildlife - Orange Flamingo and chick photo #flamingos

The Abyssinian is a ticked or agouti breed. The distinctive coat appearance comes from the combination of colors on each hair shaft. The lighter or ground color lies closest to the skin and each hair shaft has dark-colored bands that are contrasted with lighter-colored bands. The hair shaft ends with a dark tip.

Japanese Macque family. These poor guys always look cold to me, but this type of climate is their natural home; no primate, with the exception of humans, is more northern-living, nor lives in a colder climate. by Masashi Mochida