As a founder of the Berlin incarnation of Dada, Hausmann searched for a vital, disruptive, and realistic art, piecing together scraps of word and image—the detritus of the real world—to make symbolic and explosive new pictures

Raoul Hausmann Dada/ Social Critique, Anti-Art, Shock Value, Irrationalism/ This image combine different parts in magazine or news paper to create an ugly man.

hayley warnham - wishing it was july instead of february.

Everything is Beautiful Series / Artist: Hayley Warnham - Black and white photos with a bit of POP. This picture was found by gail

mixed media collage # inspiration

Camera Collage artist Sammy Slabbinck is like a director, placing found imagery from Mid-Century advertisements in a contemporary context.

This really caught my eye. I've always been a fan of collages and this one really stands out to me. The way the body and the background work together but still create contrast is what I like most about it.

collage/montage Urban society has developed a collage based graphic art paralleling the infusion of society and technological advancement.

Hoy como que es día de #MixedMedia #arte #fotografía

Hoy como que es día de #MixedMedia #arte #fotografía


GIACOMO COSTA Florence His production includes Agglomerati, kaleidoscopic accumulations of urban buildings; Paesaggi (Landscapes), which features countryside or urban landscapes from where enormous monoliths stem out

Andrea Costantini: Very fascinating way of representing culture, through a persons looks and  hometown

Andrea Costantini (INAG

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