Buff siblings are best siblings and theyre both here to make you question your sexuality

Izzy and Jace>>>>>Mmmmm. that's not Jace. He has mis-matched eyes, like those of the wild hunt (Fae). I would say Christina and Mark, maybe?

Clace // City of Fallen Angels~ Shadowhunters Jace Herondale and Clary Fairchild TMI

Siblings in law back at it again

Magnus and Izzy swapping clothes like the true siblings-in-laws/fashion bros they are :) wow Magnus rocks that and Izzy rocks what Magnus wears

"Simon, Simon, if Jace was a girl, do you think you'd like him?"

If he was a girl . Well it looks like the Herondale boys have some competition with Female Jace and Will looking fabulous in a wedding dress!