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NASA vai colocar um asteróide na órbita da Lua para aprender a ir à Marte

Infographic: Everything you need to know about NASA's LADEE mission to the moon!

Sonda registra pela primeira vez o pôr do sol em Marte

Information graphic for the Health and Science section explaining NASA's proposed mission to retrieve an asteroid and bring it to a lunar orbit. A motion graphic of the same topic can be found in the story page: wapo.st/spacefuture

Tem medo de aranhas? | Portal Elvasnews

NASA Astronaut Don Pettit, speaks about his experience onboard the International Space Station at a NASA Social exploring science on the ISS at NASA Headquarters, Wednesday, Feb. 20, 2013 in Washington. Photo Credit: (NASA/Carla Cioffi)

16 árvores mais lindas do mundo (Foto: reprodução) Carvalho da Ilha de John, na Carolina do Sul

January 10, 1962: Apollo program: NASA announces plans to build the C-5 rocket launch vehicle. It became better known as the Saturn V Moon rocket, which launched every Apollo Moon mission.

This reprojection of the official USGS basemap of Jupiter's moon Europa is centered at the estimated source region for potential plumes that might have been detected using the Hubble Space Telescope

SLS 70t Crew Expanded View (NASA, Space Launch System, 07/25/12) by NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center

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