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This simply states what the book is solely based on. Hamlet is trying to get revenge on Claudius from killing his father. He will not stop until he avenges him.

Cœur brisé (masculine word) | Broken heart | /kœʁ bʁi.ze/

Facile à vivre (both masculine and feminine, literally: easy to live) | Easygoing | /‿a vivʁ/

Délice (masculine word) | Delight | /de.lis/

Literal meaning: To make the fat morning.

Souhaiter | To wish | /swɛ.te/

Jamais | Never | /ʒa.mɛ/

Épuisé (feminine: épuisée) | Exhausted | /e.pɥi.ze/

Literal meaning: Like this, like that. Could be used to. answer, "How's it going?" with the right hand gesture.

Sagesse (feminine word) | Wisdom | /sa.ʒɛs/