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THE GRAHAM NORTON SHOW (November 27, 2015) ~ Benedict Cumberbatch [GIF]

THE GRAHAM NORTON SHOW (November ~ Benedict Cumberbatch [GIF] >>> what I kinda want to do right now except people would totally judge me for this

#SherlockChallenge Day Fourteen: Your Favourite Sherlock Livejournal- Favourite what now??? Here’s a picture of Benedict Cumberbatch instead.

It's almost as if I could just reach out and ruffle his hair. *streeeeeetch*// some really great hair.

photo letsboldlyfuckingo1_zps28376394.gif

Hello, I'm Benedict Cumberbatch. And you're watching Disney Channel. Benedict and Disney?

face! I totally do the hand thing when I pretend to write

He's beautiful, he's talented, he's magical, he's amazing and today he's turning Happy birthday Benedict Cumberbatch! Benedict has made quite the name

(gif) Benedict, trying to keep it cool. This makes me extremely happy.

(gif) Benedict, trying to keep it cool. This makes me extremely happy. Look at these beautiful people-oh I have to say words. Control yourself, Benedict.

"My name," *pauses for effect* “…is Khan.” animated

"My name," *pauses for effect* “…is Khan.” //At the risk of pissing off die-hard Star Trek fans. I bought the DVD without having even seen the movie only because of Benedict Cumberbatch. In my defense, his Khan is perfect and I really enjoyed the film.

Benedict Cumberbatch

Benedict Cumberbatch

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you just have to love that face xD can't stop wondering if he keeps little-Smaug voices while driving xD


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