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Kylo Ren fanart

“Scarred”, Watercolour on Canson. by Jenny Dolfen - Kylo Ren fanart from Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens

Kylo Ren/ Ben Solo and Rey fanart.

reylostrikesback: “ starwarsnonsense: “ bastila-bae: “ This piece of work by Erik Maell, a Lucasfilm-licensed artist, will be available to buy as a limited edition print at this year’s Star Wars Celebration Europe. Lucasfilm, your Reylo is.

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Faces of Kylo Ren, set of (2) 5X7 prints, signed, by Marta Wit

72 - Hand-drawn Fan Art - Half Faces - Kylo Ren

Get out of my head! /// Kylo Ren and Rey  I freaking love his hair and that lovely nose of his.  *note to self-learn how the fuck to draw noses*

Kylo Ren: the villain that Anakin Skywalker SHOULD'VE been in the Star Wars prequels.