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Making Elvish staff

I was going to Desucon:Fantasy and realized I did not have the time to finish my Codex cosplay. With two days until the con and about 8 hour.

InstaMorph - Moldable Plastic - 12 oz InstaMorph,http://www.amazon.com/dp/B003QKLJKQ/ref=cm_sw_r_pi_dp_bwQFtb0JHC0JVBZB

InstaMorph - Moldable Plastic - 12 oz It's reusable, strong & non-toxic plastic you can mold yourself! InstaMorph is an advanced modeling compound that

Easy and cheap DIY Elvish Pauldron armor. I'm about to just dress up as an elf for Halloween...

Easy and cheap DIY Elvish Pauldron armor. This pauldron is made out of cardboard and faux leather, held together by glue and studs.

38 uniquely designed and gorgeously detailed feathers are made from laser-cut and engraved acrylic in 3 shades of black and joined together by hand with stainless steel jump rings and chains. Replaceable CR 2032 coin batteries power several black light LEDs that are added underneath to provide a magical glow.    O-shaped gate ring clasp in the front, and a clasp connecting chains under the arm, keep the piece in place on your body while allowing to move while you dance. Easily adjustable…

Clearance special! Voly-Kyrie Raven Feather Single Shoulder Wing

The Hobbit: Thranduil's Crown by kaetiegaard on deviantART

The Hobbit: Thranduils Crown and Coat WIP by kaetiegaard on deviantART - DIY @ Craft's

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My absolute favorite boot cover tutorial. In depth, yet simple. Tutorial can be found at Fire Lily Cosplay. Check out her other tutorials and amazing cosplay!

Marowak Skull Mask Tutorial- Worbla Scraps by TerminaCosplay.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Marowak Skull Mask Tutorial- Worbla Scraps by TerminaCosplay; Awesome tutorial for working with Worbla and Friendly Plastic in general - detailed instructions (Diy Paper Mask)

Tutorial to make armor out of craft foam and whatnot.

Mitridate – Craft Foam Armor Tutorial

For my upcoming photo shoot of Mitridate, the tyrant king needed some fancy armor. Buying custom armor is very expensive, and so I went with the standard Cosplay route of making my own!Cosplay is a.