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Capitain Future

I’ll always have a soft spot for Edmond Hamilton, one of the best of the pulpsters. Credited occasionally with writing the first hardcover science fiction collection, he also wrote a bunch of material.

The Vault Of The Atomic Space Age

The Vault Of The Atomic Space Age

World of the Masterminds: Showdown on the sun's last planet!

scificovers: Ace Double of the Masterminds by Robert Moore Williams. Cover art attributed to Ed Valigursky

I have learned that "space opera" is an actual term and it has a 100+ year tradition! I already love some of the stuff on this list and just ordering Asimov's "Foundation" to read.

Major Highlights in the History of Space Opera

Have space suit, will travel.Retro futurism back to the future tomorrow tomorrowland space spaceship planet planets starship stars starbase spaceport age sci-fi science fiction pulp martians BEM's alien aliens ray raygun blaster phaser:

Magnus, Robot Fighter #13

Magnus Robot Fighter Gold Key) Russ Manning art for "The Evil Ark of Doctor Noel!" Plus more Manning art for Aliens story "The Day of the Nightmare!

Ed Valigursky, 3 Faces of Time by Sam Merwin, Jr. 1955.

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