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Lightsaber Crystal Guide Red

Except the emperor who hardly used his lightsaber at all and relied on electrocution more.

Lightsaber Crystal Guide Yellow

This is actually not accurate: Sentinels were Jedi forcused on hunting the Dark Side and purging it. They were also those tasked with executing fallen Jedi, and were the least common class of Jedi.

Lightsaber Crystal Guide White

Lightsaber Crystal Guide White<<< When I got took the quiz I got white-bladed lightsaber. *nods head up and down*

Lightsaber and crystals facts (I have heard differing accounts as to what color goes with what type of Jedi, but still a fun pin)

Lightsaber and Crystal Facts // **very cool info, BUT, with the advent of the Star Wars Story Group, i'm guessing most of this info is NON-canon--officially.

I will not be the last Jedi #starwars

I will not be the last Jedi #starwars

Like the old canon better. Oh well.

New canon for Star Wars...specifically lightsaber crystals.

I will just point out that "syntactically" is supposed to be "synthetically" (in the EU, Sith crystals were synthetic rather than natural)

Grey all the way !!

I kinda agree with the grey code. I think jedis should be able to feel and love and hate. <<< try completely agreeing with it

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Hopefully soon, they'll figure out how in the hell Kyber crystals work!

Also the Smith will make their own synthetic crystals colored red to be intimidating. Not all synthetic crystals are red, though, as Luke's synthetic crystal is green.

Lightsaber Crystal Guide Blue

Lightsaber Crystal Guide Blue (Anakin when he was on the light and when he went back)


that doesn't matter! he killed hundreds of innocents and jedi! Jedi are a little bit hypocritical; they say they want to keep the force balanced but just want to destroy the sith. That doesn't sound like balance to me.

Origins of the Sith Part I (Star Wars History)

Origins of the Sith Part I (Star Wars History)