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Young Ian McKellen. Isn't he adorable?

37 Vintage Photos Of Sir Ian McKellen

This list features photos of a very handsome young Ian McKellen, the dashing English actor who has been the recipient of multiple awards, including six Laurence Oli.

Ian McKellen (1960)

Ian McKellen (1960)

Funny pictures about Young Ian McKellen. Oh, and cool pics about Young Ian McKellen. Also, Young Ian McKellen photos.

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Doctor Who 30 Day Challenge: Day Favorite Guest Star: Ian McKellen as the voice of The Great Intelligence in The Snowmen

Ian McKellen and Judi Dench as Macbeth and Lady Macbeth at The Other Place, 1976

Everyday, more fool you, you are quoting Shakespeare

Ian McKellen and Judi Dench as Macbeth and Lady Macbeth at The Other Place, 1976

Mr Webb is the owner of a small antique shop hidden in a few twisting alleyways. But this antique shop isn't of the normal sorts, this one sells old weapons and artifacts, including various black market items such as vampire fangs or eyes. It was in the creaky upstair living quarters that he raised Aaron, and in the basement that he taught him self defense. But he has never forgotten his grudge against vampires for murdering his only son.

Art Producers Speak: Pip

The “Obsession” issue of Fiasco magazine features coverstars Adam Lambert by Miguel Starcevich, Ian McKellen by Pip @ Shoot Group, Jimmy Beauquesne by Julien Bernard, Alex @ DNA by Nicolas Guerin and Alexander Ferrario by Lea Colombo.

15 reasons we love Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen

15 Glorious Pics That Prove Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen Are Soul Mates

Within the theatre, they are master British thespians, knighted for their contributions to the craft. Within fan culture, they have geek god status -- one as a Starfleet captain, the other as a fierce wizard and friend to Hobbits, both as powerful mutant leaders.

Patrick Stewart And Ian McKellen’s Friendship Is Better Than Yours. Elderly British bromance is the best kind of bromance.