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Care Bears & Cousins Set: Share Bear & Good Luck Bear with Gentle Heart Lamb

Welcome to Care-A-Lot, that little place in the clouds where the Care Bear family resides. Here you can find gifs, artwork both old and new, the music of Care-A-Lot, and random trivia about the Care Bears and Care Bear Cousins.

Cute Smile

Care Bear Cousins: Gentle Heart Lamb and Lotsa Heart Elephant in Hot Air Balloons

Environmental Funshine & Tenderheart

Environmental Funshine & Tenderheart from my daughter's childhood.

Care Bears and Cousins

Noelle Christmas uploaded this image to & Bear Cousin Graphics& See the album on Photobucket.

Care Bears & Care Cousins are out and exploring!!!

This would be a super cute tattoo - Care Bears + Care Bear Cousins: Lotsa Heart Elephant, Bright Heart Raccoon, Cozy Heart Penguin, Love-a-Lot + Cheer Bear

Care Bears and some Cousins

Care Bears & Cousins Set: Funshine Bear with Gentle Heart Lamb, Proud Heart Cat, Cozy Heart Penguin & Lotsa Heart Elephant

Care Bears: Baby Hugs and Baby Tugs in a Play Castle

Care Bears: Baby Hugs and Baby Tugs in a Play Castle