Cute giraffe!!

Giraffe cake, think i just peed my pants considering giraffes are pretty much my FAVORITE animal:&

27 Amazing birthday cake ideas | BabyCenter Blog

27 Amazing birthday cake ideas

For Amy, who has always been very creative with birthday cakes for her kids. Here are 100 Easy Kids' Birthday Cake Ideas

Tips for carving cakes

Carving cakes - tips from cake decorating expert Lindy Smith

Really: sculpted cakes! A sculpted cake that looks like traditional cakes. Every single element of this cake is  sculpted: the nuts, the graham cracker crumbs, the coconut, the cherry, the strawberries, the slices –  all sculpted to look like the real deal.

Sculpted Cake - love the different cakes atop each other with cupcake crowning this sweet dessert. Use different flavors of cake and colors of icing for a truly fun event.

Regenboog taart in de wolken

Funny pictures about Rainbow Piñata Cake. Oh, and cool pics about Rainbow Piñata Cake. Also, Rainbow Piñata Cake.

40 Baking tips- Tips and tricks for better baking results (Ex. add a pinch of lemon juice to your butter and sugar before mixing it with other ingredients- It'll give you a lighter cake)

43 Cake Baking Tips & Tricks. My fav: How To Make Bigger Cakes From Mixes: Add cup flour, cup sugar, 1 egg, 1 tsp. baking powder to the boxed mix.

Sprinkle cake. For Leah's bday <3

Learn how to make a sprinkle cake with a step by step photo tutorial. Tips and tricks to make a perfect sprinkle-coated cake! perfect for a birthday or any occasion. Use seasonal/holiday colored sprinkles for different occasions.

Baking Science: Which fat makes the best cake?I always use veg oil, and I always make an “extended and enhanced” recipe with a box mix, which used to include buttermilk in place of the water or milk, and I used sour cream. I tried Yoplait Vanilla Yogurt (smooth), and now I use half water/milk, oil, box of pudding mix, and a cup of yogurt … getting lots of praises. So moist.

Fat Chance: Is Butter Really Better?

Which fat makes the best cake? Butter vs Oil vs Shortening vs Margarine How handy is this!

How to make perfect Fondant for decorating.

One of many Marshmallow Fondant recipes. How to make perfect Fondant for decorating: Homemade fondant using ingredients from my pantry?