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Orange one, so awsome, saw him flying with Airforce days in Volkel.

( Falcon Called "Viper" by its pilots due to a perceived resemblance to a viper snake as well as the Battlestar Galactica Colonial Viper starfighter.


Royal Thai Air Force Centennial Falcon RTAF block 15 from 103 sqn is flying in a paint scheme which is the work of Sukasom Hiranphan, a civilian who is credited with the designs of.

Beautiful Lines

Four Eurofighter Typhoon fully armed with missiles and with afterburners on.


Royal Navy fighter pilot Lord Alexander Hawke's Harrier in the skies over Baghdad in the Iraq War. His squadron was based on the HMS Ark Royal.

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Spitfire - I got to fly in one of these! We were Pulling G's, and flying upside down over the ocean in Half Moon Bay, CA.

Because of the truly sick payload an F-14 could carry, including ground targeting systems, it saw close air support service in Operation Enduring Freedom.

There Isn't A Fighter Pilot Alive That Doesn't Wish They Still Flew an Tomcat, because of the truly vast payload an could carry, including ground targeting systems. It saw close air support service in Operation Enduring Freedom.

Jet Streamers

Jet Streamers

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star fighter, by far one of my favorites, and a pioneering engineering platform, you better believe if I was a pilot back in the day I would be all over this.

Super marine Spitfire over Dover

♂ A Super-Marine "Spitfire" Mk.Vc Flying Over The White Cliffs of Dover, England.


The world famous Blue Angels, the United States Navy Flight Demonstration Team. Would love to fly with them