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-"pet orchid Flower macros are usually not my thing. Other people do them much better. Upon close examination, I started seeing little "creatures" in the center of almost every one of the orchids in the orchid nursery on the big island of Hawaii.


Parrot flower of Tha Flowers Garden Love Even though you are not a bird.You, Dear Flower, are lovely.

신기한 모양을 가진 꽃 모음 : 네이트판

8 of the world’s most bizarre flowers: bundyspooks: “ Swaddled Babies Flying Duck Orchid Hooker’s Lips Orchid Ballerina Orchid Monkey Orchid Naked Man Orchid Laughing.

Aerides flabellat Orchid --- Nature's Fairy Ballerina.....

Unusual Orchids or Orchids in very limited numbers

Es maravillosa esta flor.  Aguien sabe su nombre?

The 'monkey face orchid' (Dracula Simia) is usually found in the cloud forests of Peru and Ecuador in South America

Calypso bulbosa

Calphoto: 2012 Mar 14 ""There are calypso orchids in bloom on the Ben Stein trail on Mt." I have seen lots of these rare orchids out on trails of the Columbia River Gorge

Phalaenopsis Orchid aka Bat wing orchid

Phaleanopsis Orchid this perticular variety is easy to grow indoors. Beautiful Plant I want one!

the pitcher plant - looks like a butterfly!

the pitcher plant - looks like a butterfly! PHOTOSHOP -- Luna Moth wings added to Pitcher Plant

Interesting! Monkey Orchid

Dracula gigas

The beautiful "Monkey Orchid" is extremely rare, beautiful and precious. It is found in Ecuador, South America - a true gift from nature. this is awesome!