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An Adventure in Space and Time - Origins of Doctor Who drama for BBC2 - Page 109

An Adventure in Space and Time - Origins of Doctor Who drama for - Page 109

Blink (Doctor Who)

"And what's good about sad?" "It's happy for deep people"

His life is an actual real-life fairytale. the boy who got everything he wanted and perfected the world in the process.

The doctor who challenge day one. Who is your favorite doctor. Mine is Number 10 Mr. I love this guy

I really wish that the Doctor called him Grandpa at least once.

David Tennant the 10th Dr - Best Quotes from Him EVER!  my favorites- "who ya gonna call, GHOSTBUSTERS", "always bring a banana to a party " to many to put!  the worst = Rose Tyler I....... and i am burning up a sun just to say good bye

The Doctor - David Tennant I just read that entire thing.

Epic Father and Son-in- law team. I like how The Doctor asks Rory if he can hug his, Rory's, wife before he hugs her after they are married, it's very sweet.

Epic Father and Son-in-law team.I've actually never thought of them that way! Especially since the son-in-law is much older than the father-in-law :)

Doctor Who Series 7 - The scene that was never shot. RIGHT IN THE FEELS! *Sobs*

Someone's Got to Water the Plants, Right?

Doctor Who: P. - Series 7 2012 - BBC One ~ Find out what happened to Rory's dad and the Ponds in this unshot scene by Chris Chibnall.

'Doctor Who' Explained in 25 GIFs FINALY!

'Doctor Who' Explained in 25 GIFs

Are you a Doctor Who newbie? Before you join the Whovian fleet, you must first understand the Time Lord who started it all in 25 GIFs.

City of Death ~ Romana II (Lalla Ward) and Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker)

These Are the Classic Doctor Who Episodes You Need to Watch

8 Tips to Start Watching Classic Doctor Who - Classic episodes just appeared on Netflix again.

The next time I need help from a psychotic potato dwarf, you'll be the first to know!

Did u guys ever realize that the guy on fires of Pompeii the future teller guy plays the potato head in season

Yyyeeeessss! Team 10 Doctor!! I need this shirt.

Alex Kingston Team 10

River wearing a Team 10 Doctor shirt :) Alex Kingston being awesome!

He was my first. << Mine too. Granted I was 14.... but still. He'll always be in my heart : )

He will always be the original and first Doctor for us.