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My schedule is very demanding as many people. You should have that place that you love to go to, that is close enough to escape. Mine is New York City. Being from the Jersey shore it's only a train ride away. The city that never sleeps, make me fell so relaxed. For such a crazy, busy city it is so calming to me. Times square is truly the heart of the city...Fun!. So find your little nook that brings you a feeling of fun and peace of mind at the same time and next time you feel stressed go...

New York, United States

super girl missed the landing.

THE KHOOLL The Superhero in me is Tired - Rosie Hardy is a worldwide photographer based in Manchester, UK.

Venice, Ý

Venice Italy is one popular romantic travel destination and attractions in Italy. Venice is a small city with free traffic at street good for fun walking plus

rainy days, foggy nights

rainy days, foggy nights