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Limited Tonki untill tomorrow

First artist is Sefora Pons, who has these really cute illustrations, you can view more of them here , Anne-Marie Hugot Erin.

circo ilustraciones - Buscar con Google

circo ilustraciones - Buscar con Google

S W A N T J E · U N D · F R I E D A

SCHOOL PROJECT IDEA - use the hot air balloon and little girl inside in any grade below 5 - child dreams, youth and innocence

Jean de Brunhoff (French,1899 –1937) Author and illustrator of the Babar books

de BRUNHOFF 1 illustration on 2 pages of Babar, a Big and Grand Print of the Royal Elephant

Histoire de Babar, Jean de Brunhoff, aquarelle originale pour , 1931 I loved Babar when I was a kid