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Nas paredes da cidade.

Nas paredes da cidade.


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Things I trust more than Obama...

There is humor in this statement but it's a sad commentary of our president.<<i'm so confused

Found on Tumblr    It's not really of a building design, but it falls in the concept department of architecture.

"Ohhh baby, do I love some great branding! Check out this pop up shop in London! Dri Dri Gelato is in St. Martin’s Lane Hotel and was designed by Elips Design.

Só a gente mesmo pra fazer a gente rir.

As 40 imagens que mais deram alegria ao povo brasileiro em 2017

Só a gente mesmo pra fazer a gente rir.

Exactly! Shame on all the voters who put him in office! (Although I think…

marc haig on

You were elected because of the color of your skin Obama! Anti-American and unfit!

Totally absurd that we are even having a trial...waste of money...waste of space.

And his victims families are denied benefits because it's being called "work place violence". Damn "death to America" Islam psycho!

statistics the race baiters hope you'll never see

The truth isn't racist, it's just the truth, how true. ALL LIVES MATTER!


Funny pictures about Censoring Paula Deen. Oh, and cool pics about Censoring Paula Deen. Also, Censoring Paula Deen.

Porra, Maurício.

14 piadas que vão exigir tudo o que você aprendeu na escola

Porra, Maurício.