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Artist: Itsbirdy | Pokemon | Cubone

Instagram post by Birdy C. // 90s kid • Dec 21, 2015 at 3:29am UTC

Cubone // looks like papyrus ^.

Artist: Itsbirdy | Pokemon | Squirtle | Cubone

Squirtle crossover with Cubone

This was my post-ER trip inspirational eevee from last week.

Artist: Itsbirdy | Pokemon | Cubone

Pokemon are so cute!

Artist: Itsbirdy | Squirtle

This one was a side assignment for my friend Long overdue I think =(. He wanted me to draw Squirtle in a onesie of his favorite Decepticon.

Pokémon Go Posters

Pokémon Go Posters

I love how each person is looking at these huge monstrous creatures and, instead of running, are video recording them on their cell phones or playing Pokémon go

Cubone #104

Cubone pines for the mother it will never see again. The stains on the skull the Pokémon wears are made by the tears it sheds.

itsbirdy pokemon drawings | The idea is pretty simple, level 1 Pokémon are dressed in onesies of ...


Pancham dressed in Pangoro (Pokémon X and Y)

Grass Type Pokémon Starters dressed as their final evolve forms ^_^ ^.^ ♡

Grass Type Pokémon Starters dressed as their final evolve forms ^_^ ^.

Artist: Itsbirdy | Totodile

Totodile tattoo design commission to start off the day =P.

Mewtwo, Enrique Rivera on ArtStation at https://www.artstation.com/artwork/mewtwo-cac9e033-bca1-4460-98a6-c37fd74696ef

The mother of bubble. A true sorcery according to everyone she knows a living myth according to awal.

Resultado de imagen para charizard vestido a charizard x

From itsbirdy . deino dressed as hydreigon, growlithe dressed as arcanine, eevee dressed as leafeon. I love deino!

Ilustraciones de Pokémons disfrazados de sus evoluciones ♥

Growlithe wearing an Arcanine onsie. Such an awesome pokemon :)

What If Sableye Subspecies Were Based on Different Gems? http://chzb.gr/1EqOSA5

What If Sableye Variations Were Based on Different Gems?

Cubone - too cute *.*

My artwork of Cubone. Cubone without Mask! (orphan baby Kangaskhan) Idea base from Pokememe Original idea: Don't use my artworks without my permission.

ItsBirdy - Meowth / Persian

ItsBirdy - Meowth / Persian