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The world wasn't ready for the Z-boys, there was so much aggression, they were more like a street gang than a skate team. Alot of them were taken by Craig Stecyk.

Mike Vallely street plant in Long Beach, California Photo by Mark Nisbeth

That's why he calls it 'Street Plant'. sure makes sense to name your Skate Label after a trick you tweak like no other. Mike showing how it's done at sunrise, Long Beach, California, Photo: Mark Nisbeth.

Stacy Peralta 1970s

skater in Venice, California. Well, it certainly wasn't Glasgow, Scotland.

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expectations of girls * pretty dresses, boyfriends that are jocks and makeup for everything, reality * skating with the boys, showing off your killer moves

Stacy Peralta 1976 R and D session - Powell and Peralta

An American skateboard company founded by George Powell and Stacy Peralta in

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