No Sew  This no sew pincushion takes a fabric scrap and a teacup, and takes about 5 minutes to make.  Get the instructions at Punk Projects

No sew pin cushion.some of my stick pins I have made would look really cute in a teacup pin cushion!

Coisinhas a Mais Etc e Tal: Alfineteiros Criativos

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The Constant Gatherer: not your granny's pincushion...

Birthday Cake Slice pincushion by SmarmyPants Cupcake Pincushion by SmarmyPants bannerbabe's updated tomatoes Tree Stump Pin Cushion.

Embroidered felt spool of thread pin cushion.  Could there be anything more wonderful?

Love letter for a valentine, tutorial and a giveaway all in one! A felt, embroidered pin cushion - spool of thread. Clever and charming.

Pin Cushions

This bug pincushion might be itty bitty in size, but he’s hugely cute! Lauren from Goody Goody shares a tutorial for making her Bitty Bug Pincushion. Go to the tutorial.