ArtStation - Outlaw Spellsword, Daniel Kamarudin

ive been tinkering with mashing westerns with my usual sword and sorcery hoopla and i think it came out alright. not the most logical thing to do but it. Cowbro the outlaw sorcerer

Cavaleiros e Templários

Amazing drawing of a Knight Templar with sword in hand Medieval - Templar - Crusader - Knight

SLIVER KNIGHT, Zhang Wenbo on ArtStation at

SLIVER KNIGHT, Zhang Wenbo on ArtStation at

Gareth Malok - Powerful Death Sorcerer (Apostate)

Artist: Yohann Schepacz & Li Yan (OXAN Studio) - Title: Iran the Sorcerer - Card: Patrice the Inquisitor (Overthrow)

Avengers as fantasy characters. (Because comic books don't count as fantasy?)

Character design - awesome series of fan art showing The Avengers characters Loki, Captain America, Hulk, Black Widow and Hawkeye as badass medieval fantasy warriors! These character designs were created by Deviant Art artist theDURRRRIAN