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Malayan Tapir, Sumatran Rhinoceros, Brazilian Tapir, Black Rhinoceros, etc. Vintage 1984 Animal Book Plate

Drawing Gravuras,Vida Selvagem,Experiência,Projetos,Tapir Malayan,Família De Rinoceronte,Arte Dos Animais Selvagens,Mamíferos Terrestres,Animais

* * You don't have to think of much else when a rhino is charging you.

Biggest, blindest, ugliest, stupidest and most dangerous. He's top of the chain.

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TOP 10 Differences Between the 5 Rhino Species

robot resurrect ROBOT (Driver,No Driver) 1.Install "Computer " IN (Car,Boat,Airplane) 2.Install "LOOP Energy" IN (Car,Boat,Airplane) 3.Install "Backup system" IN (Car,Boat,Airplane)

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Infographic: Understanding the rhino wars

MNN.COM›Earth Matters› Animals Infographic: Understanding the rhino wars When rhinos rebounded from the brink of extinction last century, it was a historic, hard-fought victory for conservationists around the world. But now, within just five years, the global rhino wars have suddenly returned -- along with a few 21st-century twists

Black Rhinoceros, Kenya , declared extinct in some areas of Africa all Rhinos are facing extinction because of the mythical aphrodisiac properties attributed to ground rhino horn. The horns are worth more than their weight in gold. Warlords and poachers fueled by greed are making war on them at a frightening rate.