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=GUERRA DE BRINQUEDO= Mesas dos sonhos

Great table set-up:) #Warhammer #WarhammerTable #terrain

Nice Nurgle Miniature, one I'll have to try painting someday, too many hashtags in the original description. #excessive

O problema de pesquisar prateleiras é dar de cara com umas que parecem feitas sob encomenda pra mim. Olha essa birutice, que delícia!

So sometimes my dear kids get a little TOO wound up (CRAZY)...and before I know it, I have 4 miniature "hulks" running around acting like total monsters!! You know how it is when they get to "that point" and emotions are running wild... it's hard to calm them down or even reason with them!! That is UNTIL we apply a little "Monster Juice"! (sometimes my kids will call it their "Hulk" spray too) It helps them feel calm, balanced, and happy! Who doesn't want that for their kids!? OH, and you…


Warhammer 40k | Chaos Space Marines | Death Guard Corrupted Imperial Knight…