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What happened please tell me that's makeup I wanna know what happen to my smol bean>>> I'm pretty sure that's the Heathens music video make up // JOSH - BBYD

Listen to the wise and wonderful smol bean

Awwwwww Tyler<<<Tyler, I'm trying, I'm trying to sleep, but I can't cuz you all have gUNS FOR HANDS (i think i got that wrong idk im tired af)

Tyler singing his heart out ❤️ I love him!

Tyler singing his heart out ❤️ I love him!

pinterest: @connellmikayla

pinterest: @connellmikayla

Tyler Joseph | twenty one pilots | stay alive | power to the local dreamer |-/

Tyler Joseph with a gun hand and ski mask ♡ twenty one pilots // skeleton clique // guns for hands // concert

violent_island: Caught them smiling at each other

I am a Pilot — topupdatez: violent_island: Caught them smiling.