Soshi Miroki by MarioWibisono

Soshi Miroki

Soshi Miroki by MarioWibisono on DeviantArt

Fubuko by MarioWibisono on DeviantArt

Mario Wibisono - Fubuko I was tired of not seeing female spider Kensai so I tossed it to Mario. We’ve been affectionately calling her the battle nun. Her description was basically to have her being a whirling dervish of death and blades.

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Asian art legend of the five rings -

Legend of the Five Rings-Blood Of Shahai

Shahai was formerly Iuchi Shahai of the Unicorn Clan.

... My Victim ...

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As incríveis ilustrações de fantasia de Mario Wibisono

ancient armor reference Digital Illustrations by Mario Wibisono

Nyneve by Amelia Tan Before Arthur, before Merlin, the Lady of the Lake put to the test the sword that would become legend…

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Ran was born as an iceberg mermaid. Ice Prince Aegir fell in love with Ran, causing her to be born again as the imperial goddess of the northern seas. Ran loves the sea, and when she feels the refreshing feeling of spray from the sea, the north seas

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Zombified - Paneki’s Disgrace. by *SteveArgyle Any chance for a conclusion of Paneki’s Disgrace soon?

Female warrior mage

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Got inspired after yesterday's history of urban developement class about babylon. Hope you like it.

The Shadowed Estate by najtkriss

L5R: Daigotsu Susumu by jasonjuta on DeviantArt

Daigotsu Susumu by jasonjuta

Yogo Adi by ~JorgeMatar on deviantART

Yogo Adi by ~JorgeMatar

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Daidoji Akeha by Mario Wibisono. Fantasy image of a blond woman with robes and a sword.

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