Modern Quilt Month: Japanese art

Modern Quilt Month: Japanese art

NYB with a twist.   Use similar idea on my HS quilt in placw of the flying geese plan.

From Fiona's pins - Loving these - I'm sure I've seen circles like this in different colours at the FOQ in Birmingham - an international exhibit where each country chose a different accent colour? great on wall and great as a cushion (Linda)

1 by Jovana

Christopher's quilt -- I really like this, but I think it would have been fantastic if that multicolored fabric had been a plain solid like white, black, or grey.

"A Colourful Galaxy" quilt - Unknown (original "Colorful Quilt" ©becolourful)

The Colorful Quilt; Quilters Anonymous Show 2011 by twiddletails (original "Colorful Quilt" ©becolourful)


東京国際キルトフェスティバル2009 その5: ぼちぼちたまたま日記