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Exploring the underwater caves in New Caledonia , Italy

Exploring the underwater caves in New Caledonia (by photos sous marines).

flooded ruins in Japan est. over 8,000 years old

Yonaguni, Japan - submerged ruins estimated to be around years old and was discovered in 1995 by a sport diver.

PADI  The Way the World Learns to DIVE

While in South Carolina I'd like to take scuba diving classes and get my scuba certification.That way I could dive down into the deep blue sea and see its hidden treasures. I like scuba!

don't do drugs, go scuba diving instead. MUCH healthier, and still the best out of this world experience you can get.

Even though scuba diving is on my bucket list of things to do. Diving in caves isn't. Something about being under water in close quarters and feeling confined, I just couldn't do it.

Verzasca River in Tesino

Diving in Verzasca River Diver in crystal clear water of Verzasca river in Ticino - Switzerland. Photograph by Marc Henauer (Not "the sea", but it fits).

Inside the wreckage of the ship Karwela in Gozo, Malta ~ Tobias Friedrich/Caters News

Shipwreck hunter

These stunning pictures reveal the undisturbed wrecks that lie under the sea. Shipwreck hunter and underwater photographer Tobias Friedrich


Marine Geologist discovers a supposed Year Old Yonaguni Monument, Dubbed Japanese Atlantis. Twice the age of the ancient pyramids of Egypt.

Week-end is coming, time to get inspired by the art of Jieanu Dragos, an artist working for INDG Digital.

-- sci-fi image rendered in VRAY and photoshop by INDG Amsterdam artist Jieanu Dragos of Bucharest, Romania.

Sydney Wreck Diving

Scuba dive in Sydney with Abyss and discover Sydney's best scuba diving activities, Sydney shore and boat dives, PADI learn to dive lessons and pro dive courses and diving holidays.

Cancun Underwater Museum, National Marine Park, Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico: "So that's where they're keeping the Stargate these days. It's looking a bit worn.