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fighter jet painted cardboard

fighter jet painted cardboard

Dowels-on-Wings by Wills Casa, via Flickr

DIY Halloween

Cardboard Spaceship using Makedo screws by Zygote Brown Designs

Cardboard Spaceship using Makedo screws by Zygote Brown Designs. Not a bad WA costume if you can waterproof the cardboard!

Make the Nose Section, How to Make an Airplane Costume

How to Make an Airplane Costume

Pilot in Bi-Plane Costume

Homemade Cardboard Airplane Costume Electric scooters for kids and adults that would be a good addition to the roboscooters site

Ethan's Fire Rescue Boat Halloween Costume (2011)

Ethan’s Fire Engine, Fire Rescue Boat, Jet Pack, and John Deere Halloween Costumes

For future reference.  Airplane costume, not just for boys! :)

DIY Halloween - Adorable little amelia earhart costume. Britt totally would have done this! when she was little she loved Amelia Earhart!

DIY owl Halloween costume | TheMombot.comhttp://themombot.com/crafting/2012/09/12/diy-owl-halloween-costume

DIY owl Halloween costume

This DIY owl costume was pretty easy to make and completely cost effective. The entire Halloween costume is made from felt, so no hemming necessary!

DIY Disney costumes for girls Airplane-Costume-Ideas

Disney Costumes For Girls Of All Ages

Disney Planes Costume - Make your own homemade Dusty Halloween costume from Disney's Planes movie using a cardboard box and duck tape.

Shopkins Cupcake Costume Assembly: Whipped cream- 2 white jumbo size pipe cleaner hot glued to headband.  Yellow icing- sparkle tulle. Cupcake- 2 pieces of pink poster board folded & hot glued to white foam wreath. Shopkins face- various colored felt pieces hot glued & taped together.

Get some Decorator mesh, a laundry basket, poster board and a few embellishments and you have such a CUTE Costume!

Last-Minute DIY Bomber Airplane Costume | My Crafty Spot - When Life Gets Creative

Only a few days until Halloween, do you have your costume ready? Well here's a cute one if you're in a pinch! Here's what you'll need: 1 or 2 large boxes