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Rose Tyler. Doctor Who. O.M.G. I was litterally just thinking.about.this!!

Doctor Who. I was litterally just thinking. I understand this now! I was so confused about this even after watching that episode where Ten departs


This must have been so heartbreaking for the "real" Doctor though, watching his beloved Rose go off with someone else, even if that someone was him in a way.

Rose&Ten<3 <- - - the weirdest thing about this is that eleven is saying this about HIMSELF if you apply it to Ten and Rose. Like, why do I NEED THAT?! It's too much, I swear.

suddenly, doctor who feels. and time. Biro ii time'' amg space, k This isn' t ghost story. suddenly doctor who feels and time for leach o H? Biro ii time'' amg space k This isn' t ghost story

Sorry for pinnning so much Rose/10 stuff but I love them soo much

In case of danger, just grab Rose and take her with you. Doctor Who, Rose Tyler, David Tennant, Christopher Eccleston<<< You see? It's my Rose.

Dr. Who

Doctor Donna, everyone. Catherine Tate, you were almost right. He traveled with his mother and father-in-law.

Aww more Metarose   Always makes me smile

Doctor Who AU - The Doctor visits Pete’s World and finds out Rose and TenToo have had a baby. <<--ksc I'll just go curl up in a ball and cry now. *cueing the copious amount of tears* ♥♥


That is the face of a man who wrote doctor who fanfiction as a child and is now deeply disappointed in himself.

:'(  ... And it just tells the story of my life with The Doctor.... With him... Without him... And Rose... And Nine, and Donna, and Martha, and Eleven and his impossible girl... And Captain Jack... And TARDIS, and... Oh... You get it... I love them - and cries rivers when i lost them ...  :'( ....

With Rose = happy and friendly! Without Rose = Oncoming Storm… look out.

Nine and Rose!

perfect description of how the doctor feels for her.

You said blue. I said not blue | Imagine your OTP | Doctor who ‍⚕️

The best bit is that these aren't fake subtitles- they actually said it! I love this <<< this is like the total opposite for the percy Jackson fandon

Rose :( >> where did these onions come from

kilodalton: “ Make me choose between 2 things: badwolfrun asked: Nine/Rose or Ten/Rose? fadewithfury asked: the way Nine looks at Rose or the way Tentoo looks at Rose?

The Doctor and Rose!<<<<<<This was probably my favorite Ten and Rose moment...ever. :)

The Doctor and Rose!<<<<<<This was probably my favorite Ten and Rose moment. :) Aaaah i loved that episode