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“Hinata no Aoshigure” New animated short-film by Hiroyasu “Tete” Ishida (Fumiko’s Confession).


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In February last I told you about a very young Japanese studio named Colorido currently producing two shorts worn by famous names: Hinata no Aoshigure realized the young Hiroyasu "Tete" Ishida (discovered through its multivisionné Fumiko's Confession ) and Shashinkan directed by veteran Takashi Nakamura (Fantastic Children, Catnapped, Tree of Palme ...). After a little teaser together today here are some new images for these two projects I posted on Tumblr Catsuka

Studio Colorido (Takashi Nakamura x Hiroyasu Ishida)

hasya on Tokyo Otaku Mode

Gobelinus Regius

“I’m weak, and what’s wrong with that?

無題 This make me think of Rei from Ladybaby Project

帝国少年~( ´ ▽ ` )ノ(@tksn4tt)さん | Twitter

帝国少年~( ´ ▽ ` )ノ(@tksn4tt)さん | Twitter

The Flood of Tears

Breathtaking Illustrations by Caring Wong


This is what studying for finals looks like.

je te vois

Light Eater by Koren Shadmi

The underwater train..

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Ю Mao Yin Tiger Rabbit! yes, but also for two! Ju @ matrix grew from people

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Tips de illustrator.

Learn How to Draw Eye Brows Step by Step Drawing Tutorial

How to Draw Eye Brows Step by Step Drawing Tutorial

Learn How to Draw Eye Brows Step by Step Drawing Tutorial. One of my favourite things to draw.

how to draw eyes by PeachPrints

How To Draw Eyes eyes art drawing diy craft diy ideas diy craft projects