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More Male Pinners my-style-pinboard

It also needs to make a distinction between art that displays parts of a naked body and pornography./Eso y menos pornografia dicen por acá.

Well played, Google. Well played.

You have to do this on your phone and only my OCD friends will understand!

Birthdays are good for your health. Studies have shown that people who have more birthdays live longer t-shirt shirt or tee. Get this funny Birthdays are good for your health t-shirt or shirt today!


Meme definition sign reads: Winter (noun): the three month break between a woman and her razor.

But I've said my goodbye to you now ... to the person you used to be.  I do appreciate that last little message, but it's too little too late.

I go out of my way NOT to treat people in an ill mannered way. Not everyone believes in the golden rule though and if I should ever change my mind, and treat some others EXACTLY how they treat me, they absolutely would hate ME!

23 Tumblr Posts That Sum Up Having Both Depression And Anxiety

This peek inside your head:

Torn in between

Sometimes I wish I was 25 with my life figured out & sometimes I wish I was 5 with my whole life ahead of me and not a care in the world


A good amount of my family go hunting. When I tell my friends that I know how to use a gun they look at me funny