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Maquiagem Para Tentar,Ps

18 cortes de comprimento médio para tentar em 2015

Today has been an interesting day. This morning I was chopping onions in an attempt to get a head start on dinner, and let me tell you, I am not one who handles onions too well. Tears were streaming down my face, makeup was running, then suddenly something got into my eye. I was blinking and tearing like crazy trying to get it out. No luck. I went to the bathroom and took my eye makeup off and flushed my eye with water and eye drops for the next hour. Nothing helped. Finally I had to…

Não sabe onde secar seus pincéis de maquiagem? Pendure-os em seu toalheiro com pequenos elásticos de cabelo. | 13 truques que vale a pena tentar mesmo que eles sejam estranhos

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Arrume seus braceletes favoritos em vasos. | 7 truques rápidos de organização que você realmente vai querer tentar

it belonged to her nai nai who passed away last week. "I remember her cooking us dumplings after school to try to fatten us up and attempting to teach us to speak a little Chinese.I remember laughing and chatting while watching Nai Nai get ready to go out. I was so amazed at how big she could make her hair when she teased it out and then how it could get tamed into her perfect, smooth updo. I watched her apply her makeup, the whole time hoping I could be as beautiful and elegant as her one…

Maquiagem egípcia

maquiagem com video para tentar, com só uma cor de sombra makeup with video to try, with just a shade of color

So gonna try this look... Or attempt to at least. Lol!

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