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メディアツイート: meyo | YOI Only - 29(@meyoco_)さん | Twitter

メディアツイート: meyo | YOI Only - 29(@meyoco_)さん | Twitter

Yuri on ice/Yuri katski/Viktor Nikiforov

Rogaras por mí [Omegaverse] - Cena.

THIS IS YOI GOAL - Lol my mother just made me take tree different plane but I'm alive ( feeling really sick but alive )

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on ice katsuki yuuri victor nikiforov business suit male megane valentine yaoi

alderion-al: “ Not quite sure if Yuri likes cinema… But it’s cute imagining Viktor playing along with a drunk version of him and imitating movie dances ~ ”

DeviantArt: More Like [Yuri On Ice] Victor by saeko-doyle

Yuri on ice - Victuri 2 mousepad mice mouse pad mat laptop pc

Victor e Yuri

Victor e Yuri

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wow this is cute style

Based on this post by and The Hangover Adut!Yurio and Adult!Otabek went to the Las Vegas(Leo invited all the skaters) and drunk their asses off before waking up to this lolol I might.