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Vídeo: casal gay anda de mãos dadas e é agredido com chutes e spray de pimenta #casalgay #homofobia #lgbt #ucrania #gay

Who will stay and who will wake up in cold sweat after witnessing such abominations of imagery called "nightmares"? Our host thus accompanies the girls to 6 different worlds and the final 7th world in their dream where he will claim what he was promised to receive. They are each given a chance of a lifetime. Would you shake hands with the monster that lives in your closet?

Maybe I Have Become the Woman I Needed « TWLOHA. Christine Cissy White

10/03/16 It is said Julian Assange lives in constant fear of dying at the hands of the very powerful political forces his released information often centers upon. Given what Hillary Clinton said regarding what should be done with him, it appears those fears are not unfounded. GET MORE OF THE STORY VIA GATEWAY PUNDIT: HERE —————————-

Here's to second chances...~Heidi :-) If I had it my way This would be the first time that you made love I'd be the first man that your hands touched But we've both done our share of living Taking chances we were given I've never been been big on looking back I don't care if I'm your first love But I'd love to be your last If I cou...


Baby Deer Walks Up To Little Girl. Her Reaction? Adorable

Dog And Dolphin Best Friend

Nothing handmade here.. just one of my favorite collections of [mostly] sentimental hodgepodge; this all sits atop our PC hutch. The amazing Celtic skull was one of the last birthday gifts my Mom gave me before she passed (approximately two months later). She was so cute when I opened it & freaked out. She said something to the effect of she'd noticed all the pink, frilly, girly-girl stuff I was given usually ended up in one of our yardsales, so she'd decided to try a different approach. I'm…

Sappy love songs are my favorite. Lyrics that give you hope of a true love that doesn't quit and if it does the man who let the girl go finds himself sincerely lamenting the day she got away and is determined to find her again and love her the rest of his life. I listen to music with lyrics concerning that very subject constantly. Probably because I want someone to come back to me and tell me they totally screwed up and miss me and have changed and want to fight for me. (Not my ex-husband…

de Kafir Crusaders

Incompetent Judge Gives Islamic Teacher Pathetic Suspended Sentence For Abusing 11 Year Old Girl

Incompetent paedophile appeasing Judge Michael Byrne is a fine example of all thats wrong with the British legal system. His pathetic suspended sentence given to child molesting Islamic teacher Sul…

Muslim men chase Coptic Christian women, knock them down, strip their clothes, and shout Islams victory cry -- Allahu Akbar, God is Great.