Grandfather builds his grandchildren a soaring, three-story treehouse that's more like a luxury cabin | Inhabitots

Jay Hewitt built the three-story treehouse behind his home in Attleboro, Massachusetts, over the course of two years using scraps he got from construction jobs and materials from Home Depot.

Treehouse masters ranch house. Now I really want a treehouse to live in.

Remember when a tree house was a couple of boards nailed into a tree with a sign. Tree houses today can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

˚Treehouse in Utah

This two-story treehouse design is one of my favorites. I really like the winding staircase and the decks on both levels!

Hope I have a lot of huge trees in my dream house's yard! =)

Outa the Woods Treehouse in British Columbia

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Beautiful. Bet the view is worth the workout :)

Look! 13 Tremendous Tree Houses

The Spiral House (Rambouillet Forest, France) the builders chose to wind the spiral staircase around the trunk instead of chopping branches

Cabane dans les arbres aux etats unis, Tenesse

Um screw a tree house, build me a tree mansion! Horace Burgess (in Tennessee) built a tree house, with a whopping square meters (nearly square feet) and standing 90 feet tall! It took fifteen years.

A treehouse from an autumn dream.

Ammerland, Germany At the banks of a lake south of Munich, we built this two-story treehouse.

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This is too elegant to be called a tree house. I worry I'd break it, but I also want to fill it with pillows and camp in it. Located in Long Lake, New York / Designed by Swedish builder Nils Luderowski

What an amazing way to live: close to Nature, up above the ground, leaving the old tree house you had as a kid behind by upgrading it into one of these luxury tree houses! More at

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