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in the show: sam is done with dean’s crap irl: jensen is done with jared’s crap

in the show: sam is done with dean’s crap irl: jensen is done with jared’s crap

"Why I ship destiel" Maybe I've pinned this before and maybe I haven't? But it needs to be on this board.

Why I ship destiel (Dean and Cas from Supernatural)<<Woah <- this in depth analysis deserves an applause and A+ omg it's better analyzed than my lit exam

reblogging for Sam's face- he is so done with Dean

“It took me how long to get you two together and now you are questioning you marriage?

This is the most accurate thing I have ever seen...

I've never seen anything more accurate in my life. But there should be a lot more tears. << A LOT MORE<<I actually started watching Spn when I was 11 weirdly enough.

OMG. Jealous Cas is Awesome!

I don't ship Destiel but this just cracked me up! I hate Benny! He'll never be as good a friend as Cas! <<<< I do ship Destiel and don't hate Benny, but this is still freaking hysterical

Learn to write in Enochian. <--- I'm a little concerned that the tag in that first pic is "WhoLock" rather than "SuperWhoLock" because this is SPN related...

Now I can finally graffiti walls with the correct spelling of "You breed with the mouth of a goat"! Knowing how to write in Enochian = Life complete

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Today I am sick and I decided to watch the first to episodes of your show. Can I let your fandom consume my soul like Doctor Who, Sherlock, Percy Jackson, and Harry Potter<<<it would be offensive if you didn't

So true!   Mom: "Someone was dying..."  Me: "Who..?"  Mom: "Dean"  My brain: "Well that helps"

I came home from work one day and my little sister was watching Supernatural and she just turned to me and said "It's the one where Dean dies" and I was like "You're gonna have to be more specific.

The Hillywood Show Supernatural Parody parallels. Hillywood is scary good at replicating scenes exactly. It's amazing.

The Hillywood Show Supernatural Parody compared to the show. So well done, Hillywood ladies and gents, I salute you!

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