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Could this be the happiest dog in the world? Candice Sedighan Photography is the proud owner of Champ, the incredibly happy and photogenic golden retriever.

@lonchualdo estoy soooooouuuuubre

What a beautiful smile! Your dog will smile to when you use the smart phone app wag! Use the promo code for your free walk!

he knows you don't mind because he had such a good time

"What Mud? I didn't go near the mud." This is what Abby and Chester would look like every time it rained. Mom would get so angry:-)


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Golden retriever puppy - ''My favorite place to snuggle!

Golden Smile :)

These 31 super happy animals will leave you smiling after you have seen them. We might not be able to understand animals, but we can all recognise a smile as a

Missin my Jasper

I cross my heart :) What a love face! Golden Retrievers are proven to be one of the best service/companion dogs.so sweet. I love my Golden.