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kekeke this macros is EPIC~ until i spot Sehun's face~! its so cussing EPIC~!! keke~


Sehun literally SLAYED the whole freaking scene in that part tho

Awww! I know who should be with Chanyeol for 'We Got Married' :3 <---- this comment :3 <3<3

Aww it's okay Chanyeol! Dara will notice you someday ~ But omg he looks like such a creeper in some of the photos.


It's ok, I ship Xiuhan

Someone tell me what show or whatever this was from!!! :)

Someone's about to die.<<< noooo kyungsoo baby, don't kill my chany

Kpop exo b-day game..... I murdered luhan because that's what I do... Lol I'm sorry -comment what you got-

I married Xiumin because that's what I do.--- I sang to Kris because he loves me XD------ I kissed D.O because he loves me!

ahhhmm YES PLEASE !!!

ahhhmm YES PLEASE !!!

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Derp Squad for life!!! dero squad cuz they freaking HOT <33333

Derp Squad for life! derp squad cuz they freaking HOT

look how proud exo was when their Baby Maknae won the weibo star award

look how proud exo was when their Baby Maknae won the weibo star award!

exo meme - Facebook Cover http://freefacebookcovers.net

That's some classy drinking skills you have Suho ;

we all had seen this coming after thsi CF XD

D.O would do an good job

Wolves In Neverland, EXO | text posts ↳ Kyungsoo

are people becoming more annoying or am i becoming more angry


Suho be like. and then there's Tao. Pause buttons will be the death of me lol cx Allkpop Meme Center