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The Power of Bicycles in Disaster Recovery

Bicycle Power in Disaster Recovery: After Hurricane Sandy: "as I pedaled along the streets of the peninsula, my panniers filled with hand warmers and tampons and energy bars, I was struck again by the power of the bicycle. It is a machine that is uniquely able to leverage and amplify human effort. And this is precisely what we have seen all over the city in the days since the storm hit: The humble work of individual people, harnessed to simple mechanisms, can gain strength exponentially."

Nagging isn't only a human affliction

A study published in 2013 in the journal Science demonstrated that there is an explicit link between resveratrol and sirtiuns; specifically that SIRT1 could be directly activated through an allosteric mechanism common to chemically diverse STACs, including resveratrol—in other words, that an anti-aging protein in humans could be activated by resveratrol, at least in vitro and under certain experimental conditions

After acne, warts are the most common dermatological complaint. Three out of four people will develop a wart (verruca vulgaris) at some time in their lives. Warts are slightly contagious, and you can spread them to other parts of your body by touching them or shaving around infected areas. Children and young adults are more prone to getting warts because their defense mechanisms may not be fully developed, but it is possible to get a wart at any age. Warts are caused by the human…

meowtian: ashleighthelion: Sometimes I feel like my body is only valued in the dark, or by people who grossly violate me with their fetishization to the point that I no longer feel human. Sometimes I really hate how I look, and sometimes I only like myself in pieces. My confidence is real, but it is also created as a defense mechanism for survival. I wonder when my confidence will equate to feeling whole. I pray for the day that I can get up and not be plagued with paranoia about who will…

Court Of Remorse, Inside The International Criminal Tribunal For Rwanda By Thierry Cruvellier, 9780299236748., History ST

The Inside World of an INFJ (click for page)

"Sometimes what people refer to as 'positivity' is denial" says Pia Glenn. If I refuse to see or listen so I can pretend all is okay, I'm likely denying something not to be upset. Some people think ignoring the cave under our house filling w/ toxic nuclear waste while they go smiling about their consumerism, refusing to see the kids starting to glow & dissolve, that's being positive. Pia talks about admitting & dealing w/ depression.