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Oh, Frozen ❤️

Okay, I loved this movie! First person in line and saw it the day it came out and it was so worth it! In LOVE with this movie! Disney has done it again!

Frozen | their awkwardnessss

It's so awkward that it's adorable :') Kristoff Anna Kristanna -- Kristoff's face when Anna kisses his cheek.

Kristoff | Olaf | Frozen | Love this part!!

And Kristoff just does it like it's nothing out of the ordinary. He did grow up with trolls, but still.

Elsa's transformation- Secretly, this happens to me as well every time I perform onstage. I transform into something powerful and beautiful, no matter what character I'm playing. I 'let it go', so to speak. I think that's why I love Elsa's character so much. I see a bit of myself through her.

I'm never going back the past is in the past let it go let it go and I'll rise like the break of dawn let it go let it go that perfect girl is gone here I stand in the light of day let the storm rage on the cold never bothered me anyway.

Frozen challenging Disney stereotypes. For reals. Glad to see you've FINALLY gotten some STANDARDS, Disney!

Some Helpful Life Hack Tips, Let's Make Life Great Again!

Frozen. One of my favorite scenes! Love this movie!

Frozen- I have never had a movie so accurately depict my actions on my life. I love Frozen and Anna!

Day Favorite Non-Animal sidekick. Since Olaf isn't an animal, but a snowman, he is my favorite non-animal sidekick. I love how he is always trying to help Anna especially when they think Kristoff talks to rocks. "Hi Sven's Family.

Its sad because through the whole movie elsa was really the only one who truly knew what true love is.(her love for anna)

My heart shattered into even more pieces when I saw Elsa's expression.