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"play me a dream" , written by previous poster, possibly the title, artist unknown.

santuário dos primeiros heróis.

moonlightgear: “quarkmaster: “Grand Design C.Munin … ” Amazing Art ”

Exotication... : Foto

A famosa caligrafia de O Hobbit e Senhor dos Anéis por Daniel Reeve - Garotas Nerds

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The Concord of the World Tree is an organization seeking to unify the shards through the transplanting of flora and fauna between the shards (hoping the similarities of bio-sphere will draw the many worlds together again). On their home shard of Ydrassa, there are sites where the forces they cultivate through the great trees are harnessed and enhanced.

Baghdad (بغداد)

RamFire adventurous and loyal but extremely aggressive and is always pushing…